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There might be an element of surprise if the products contents are random (like a Kinder Egg), or an element of wish fulfillment if its an indulgence you cant afford for yourself. But absolutely none of that applies when youre unboxing a goddamn menstrual cup. YouTube We guess "Its a cup, but for menses" takes a full 12 minutes to explain.

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Build your Wish Harry Potter wizards collection with magical memorabilia like rings, socks, wands, costumes, necklaces and more. The Wish Harry Potter section has everything you need to master your imagination. Search. Sign in. Filter. Results for "harry-potter"-97%. …

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wish unboxing
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This is a $250 Mystery Wish Unboxing, and you can expect to see a bunch of designer inspired items! I was so impressed by everything - this haul has me SHOOK. Keep an eye out for my Back to School Supplies from Wish video thats coming out soon, as well as my huge AliExpress haul, and my YesStyle Prom Dress haul!!!

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wish unboxing
Congrats to the latest winner of our Stay Home with Wish contest, Arianna C! She won $3,000 Wish cash, and we cant wait to see what fabulous Wish items she picks with it. 🛍️ Thanks to everyone who participated! Check out the other entries here: and dont forget to enter for a chance to WIN!

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Tag: wish unboxing Posted on June 1, 2020 by admin I Bought A $2,500 SOLAR TRAILER On Wish To Charge My Tesla ANYWHERE!! Category: Uncategorized.

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The Wish airpods-refurbished Collection has everything you need and want. If you dont love it, return it. Free and easy returns.


Wish Haul: Cheap Products Video Unboxing. Wish is basically a website filled with random items that have very low price points. My guess is that they buy overstock from websites and try to make money of the return. I don’t care how they do it or whether or not they profit from my mania. I just want to have a fun time getting random things in