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Wish exercises - how to use wish in English

Wishes about the past

Wish + Past Perfect regrets – LearnEnglish LanguageWell

The past tense of wish is wished. The third-person singular simple present indicative form of wish is wishes. The present participle of wish is wishing. The past participle of wish is wished.

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I wish things were different, but this is the way they are. We wish we had enough money to help you. I wish I could be there for you tomorrow. I wish I had done We can use wish + subject + past perfect to talk about things that happened in the past and that we regret (we would have wanted them to be different). I wish I hadn’t quit my job two

Wish exercises - how to use wish in English

Wish - gramática inglés y uso de palabras en "English Grammar Today" - Cambridge University Press

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You can use wish + past simple to show that you are not satisfied with a situation in the present. The past tense is used to show that what you wish is not real - it is the opposite of the real situation: Real situation: I am poor. Wish: I wish I was rich. Real situation: I have to work tomorrow. Wish: I wish I didnt have to work tomorrow.

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Now complete the sentences with the simple past form of the verb: 1. I wish she (tell) me about her party before. I already have plans. 2. Danny wishes he (finish) work earlier every day. 3. My children wish that I (buy) them more presents every Christmas. 4. I wish I (not fill up) on appetizers,

Wish - English Grammar Today - Cambridge Dictionary

Our wishes for the past are always impossible, because the past cannot be changed. Wishes about the present and future. We canot use a present tense verb with I wish. Wishes for the present / future use a past tense verb or a modal verb with an infinitive. When we make a wish, we change the form of the verb that we are using from positive to

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