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One way this was explained in a grammar course at university is that “I wish I was there” is correct if being there is a possibility. “I wish I were there..” is correct if the situation is not possible. So for example, if you missed a party becaus

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However, sometimes we still hear “I wish I was” … But, wait a second! Skee-Lo sang “I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller …” and Pearl Jam’s “Wishlist” is littered with variations of “I wish I was.” Well, let’s face it: Some of our favorite songs are chock full of grammatical errors.

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A: "I wish I were there" would be better. This sentence is in the PRESENT SUBJUNCTIVE form. You can also use the sentence "I wish I could be there", meaning you would like to be there but you cant. The "would" form in the subjunctive is used to talk about things that you wish WOULD happen in the future.

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But Wish I Was There is one of the rare books unavailable through interlibrary loans in my state. I am glad I did purchase it because I would have ended up buying it anyway. It was a terrific read, going much more in depth about her Hollywood years than I expected. Ive always loved Emily Lloyd and it was a wonderful insight into her life

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Wish I Was Here Critics Consensus. Theres no denying Wish I Was Here is heartfelt, but it covers narrative ground thats already been well trod -- particularly by director Zach Braffs previous

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I wish there was video footage of the area I live in throughout the ages, from dinosaur times, to the 1600s .1700s..etc. Itd be awesome to see it change.

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If there is absolutely no chance that I can do anything for you, and Im speaking formally, then I should say "I wish there were something I could do for you." If theres no chance at all that I can do anything for you, and Im speaking in a neutral or informal register, then I can use either was or were .

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> English Grammar: Which is more Grammatically Correct - "I wish I was there" OR "I wish I were there"? They are both grammatically correct, though the sense of each is different. * "I wish I was there" means that the speaker wishes (using the pr

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"I Wish There Was" Or "I Wish There Were?"?

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